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Cuento de Primavera-A Spring Tale

Cuento de Primavera-A Spring Tale ( 2018 )

In this child-poverty short, award-winning filmmaker Boaz Dvir follows photojournalist Jason Henry (New York Times, Vice) and writer Erik Maza (Town and Country, Baltimore Sun) as they trek to Guatemala's most infamous landfill, Teculután. They try to maintain their composure as they capture children searching for shreds of sustenance in a monstrous heap of human and ...

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03 Jul 2023, 09:21
El mejor del mundo

El mejor del mundo ( 2019 )

José is a tired llama from his daily life. One night he finds a set of magic dice forgotten by three malefactors during a police raid. Thanks to the dice, which have the property of making him travel instantly throughout the world, José leaves his town and ventures to know different places, completely forgetting his roots and his identity. After a long time, thanks to...

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26 Jun 2023, 11:15